We offer a variety of services centred around game development and interactive media. This includes rapid prototyping, speaking at conferences and serious game development.

Game Development

Game Development is our bread-and-butter business. In our games we like to tackle subjects that are informed by problems in the real world. Deep research is an essential part of our process. We also love to collaborate and create with and for other scientific institutes, museums, art groups and businesses.

Narrative Design

We have extensive experience in designing lore, writing dialogue and many other aspects of narrative design. Having worked for a good decade in the performing arts allows us a multitude of approaches and styles, both in German and English. Need words?  Contact us!

Rapid Prototyping

The best way to test a game idea is to create a prototype. We offer quick and dirty prototypes for your ideas and develop them in just a couple of days. Do you need a small prototype for your idea? Contact us!


Art and game development business can only grow by sharing experiences and knowledge. We love to share our experiences at universities, gatherings, conferences and meetings. Georg Hobmeier has spoken at various events and institutions such as the Gamescom, AdventureX, Global Monetization Summit and many others. If you want to have one of us speak at your event: Contact us!