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is a Horizon Europe funded project building immersive video games for museums engaged in the topics of memorialisation and transitional justice.

Education and History in VR

The MEMENTOES project aims to utilize video games as a tool for educating audiences about historical injustices, bridging the gap between history and the modern audience in an oversaturated media landscape. By partnering museums focusing on past atrocities with independent game developers, they intend to create immersive experiences that cultivate empathy and foster understanding of the past, with specific emphasis on the experiences of marginalized groups. The initiative also plans to publish guidelines for future collaborations between museums and game developers, merging traditional historiography and museum curation with emerging technologies.

interactive documentary in VR

Those from Below

Causa Creations will lend their expertise to the MEMENTOES project by developing "Those from Below" (working title), an interactive documentary-style VR game that chronicles the experiences of Italian coal miners in Bois du Cazier, Belgium. This immersive journey will allow players to explore the miners' underground working conditions and living quarters, experience their daily hardships, and gain a first-hand perspective on the tragic Marcinelle disaster of 1956. "Those from Below" seeks to shed light on the lives of these coal miners during the 1950s, the catastrophic explosion that took place in 1956, and the consequent fallout. The project will be released in early 2025.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101061496.

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