Holy Fire is an interactive documentary experience that explores humankind’s difficult relationship with nuclear energy. It looks at the technology's tragic upscaling into risky nuclear power plants all across the world and examines the early days, when scientists were full of hope after discovering this genuine philosopher's stone. The players can travel into the core of a nuclear reactor, become part of the liquidator squad that cleaned up after the Chernobyl disaster and travel back in the past to Maria Skłodowska–Curie’s highly radioactive laboratory with dosimeter at hand.


Holy Fire is a cooperation between Causa Creations & Theaterkollektiv Hybrid, and was generously supported by Vienna's MA7 and the Austrian Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sports via their "Kunst und Kultur im digitalen Raum" program.





About Causa Creations

Causa Creations is a boutique game development studio located in Vienna, Austria. Originally established in 2014, the independent company is currently helmed by Georg Hobmeier, Ben Wahl, Brian Main, and Christian Knapp Our multi-disciplinary team of seasoned developers, artists, and designers is dedicated to crafting fully rounded experiences that not only entertain but engage and inform audiences. Not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done, we pride ourselves in the care and attention that comes through in our award-winning work. We see games not merely as entertaining diversions but as meaningful, enriching experiences that can connect us, challenge our perceptions, and give insights into the world around us. We aim to push the boundaries of what games can do through cutting edge innovation and human-centred design.
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Holy Fire Pilot Version Credits

Art Direction
Ben Wahl, Geraldine Massing
Lisley Viraphong, Ben Wahl, Christian Knapp
Narrative Design
Georg Hobmeier, Geraldine Massing
Scene Design
Geraldine Massing
James Patton
Game Design
Causa Creations, Theaterkollektiv Hybrid
Concept Art
Brian Main, Ben Wahl
3D Art
Ben Wahl, Hannah Fehkürer
Visual Effects & Graphics Programming
Christian Knapp
Zsombor Svab, Georg Hobmeier
Voice Acting
Ewa Bankowska, Egils Mesz
Artistic Consulting
Alireza Daryanavard
Research Partner
Reinhard Uhrig/Global 2000
Interview Partners
Julo Besch, Alireza Daryanaward, Florian Betel, Joanna Popinska & Tom C. Hall, Victor Morales