It is the story of two women from Chemnitz, Eastern Germany. The mother came to the GDR from Hanoi via the socialist brotherly aid program and stayed after the peaceful revolution in a country that was undergoing radical change. Her daughter was born into a family that was denied integration into society on many levels. Glasfäden builds on interviews with former contract workers and their descendants from Chemnitz and the surrounding area, which have been woven into a narrative.


The project was realized via the project neue unentd_ckte narrative 2025 of the club ASA-FF (Chemnitz, Germany). It is part of the piece “So glücklich, dass du Angst bekommst“ of the puppet-theater Chemnitz. Partners and collaborators are: Die Theater Chemnitz, DOMiD, Causa Creations, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig, Lehrstuhl Humangeografie und Interkulturelle Pädagogik of the TU Chemnitz. Funding partners: This app was funded by a project of ASA-FF e.V. and the Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung, Programm Jugend erinnert and the funding of the fond Soziokultur of the comission of the Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) NEUSTART KULTUR.




Educational Booklet
Accompanying booklet for Glasfäden (German only). Begleitheft - Glasfäden.

About Causa Creations

Causa Creations is a boutique game development studio located in Vienna, Austria. Originally established in 2014, the independent company is currently helmed by Georg Hobmeier, Ben Wahl and Christian Knapp Our multi-disciplinary team of seasoned developers, artists, and designers is dedicated to crafting fully rounded experiences that not only entertain but engage and inform audiences. Not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done, we pride ourselves in the care and attention that comes through in our award-winning work. We see games not merely as entertaining diversions but as meaningful, enriching experiences that can connect us, challenge our perceptions, and give insights into the world around us. We aim to push the boundaries of what games can do through cutting edge innovation and human-centred design.
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Glasfäden Credits

Lisley Viraphong
Technical lead, code
Christian Knapp
Brian Main
Ben „skodone“ Wahl
Production and gamedesign, audio
Georg Hobmeier
Narrative design
Dr. Frauke Wetzel, Ngọc Bích Trần
Dr. Frauke Wetzel
Project Lead nun and ASA-FF
Vũ Vân Phạm
Fabian Thüroff, Isabell Scheithauer
Photographers Chemnitz, Germany
Ngân Neumann
Vietnamese translation