Date: March 2016

Genre: trans-media project

A trans-media project by Causa Creations in collaboration with Radio Racyja that attempts to collect strictly anonymous statements via the internet. It will ask citizens and expats from Belarus one simple question:

What does it mean for you to be free?

With this seemingly simple question we want to find out what many citizens in the „West“ have long forgotten: What does it mean, if someone is being denied their very basic civil rights? Or does life in the „West“ hold just different restriction for the individual?

In March 2016 we called upon those who want to voice their opinions either on the pages of Radio Racya (only Belarusian) or our own site. The query, conducted in a safe and anonymous manner, generated a database of statements. Based on this archive, we designed a dynamic audiovisual online artwork, a meandering form that consists of the collected statements. We want to encourage to address this topic in a low-threshold manner and pursuit this exploration with as many people as possible. The results can be found here:

In May 2016 we conducted some interviews and discussion, here are some excerpts from our talk with Eugeniusz Wappa one of the heads behind Radio Racyja:

In September 2016 the project will be summarized with a short feature on ORF III, the Austrian national television.

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Supported by
Pixel, Bytes & Film – Orf III Artist in Residence
Bundeskanzleramt – Kunst & Kultur

Concept & Filming: Pigafetta Film (Daniel Samer & Pawel Siczek)

Design & Execution: Ganzfeld (Patrick Borgeat & Juan A. Romero)