Date: TBA
Genre: Serious Strategy Game
Funding: MFG
Platform: PC/Mac

The Resource Paradox is one of our first project which was conceived in early 2012 and finally went into prototyping around November 2014 after receiving funding from the Medien-Fördergesellschaft Baden-Württemberg.


The Resource Paradox addresses the struggle of an Indian tribal community, whose land is being taken over by mining companies. The player manages villagers in various activities, from basic survival, commerce, construction and of course trying to prevent mining companies to take over their land using either legal matters or militant resistance. The revenue generated by the sale of The Resource Paradox will be partially between the developers and their NGO partners. With this revolutionary new feature, the game becomes an interface between reality and fiction and allows active participation in this conflict by the means of a computer game.
The Resource Paradox is also a cross media project that uses a set of playful and informative media components that aims to create awareness and to inform. At the core of the project stands a strategy game which is kept decisively playful. The game aims to introduce this particular issue to an international community of gamers and Internet users. In a globalized world, there are no local issues, when it comes to such vast amount of mining and resource redistribution. It also aims to inform Non-Indians about a conflict that is almost unheard outside the sub-continent.

A prototype of the game is available at our site: