Project Description

Date: May 2018
Genre: Mixed Reality Game
Production: Volkstheater Wien
Platform: The Real World

“Vienna – All Tomorrows” is game, installation and simulation: In the Viennese Volkstheater’s experimental venue we have created a massive walkable map of the city. In this installation up to nine players can play and shape the future of the city. Teams of three will share a tablet, which serves as a lens to discover events and make decisions. A large screen shows the progress of time and occasional interludes when news anchors comment on the city’s current state and politics. The visual structure of the map serves as a marker for the Augmented Reality component of the game: Connected to particular districts and their landmarks events will pop up, where crucial decisions are to be made by the players. In their hands lay the possible futures of the city with all their ethical, political and ecological implications. Will they lead a renaissance of the city’s dark authoritarian past or transform it into a blossoming paradise

For more information and cast, please visit the page of our production partner Volkstheater:

Reviews: FM4 (English), DerStandard (German)