In this first big update to the game, we tried to add as much value as possible for our esteemed players. There’s a fresh set of tutorials to make the game more accessible, we made some minor improvement to the gameplay, tweaked the graphics so even our critical QA department was happy for once and added German, Polish and Spanish to the available languages.

The biggest change is happening on the donation side: Until further notice we’ll be donating 100% (one hundred!) of our Android revenue to our cooperation partners at Action for World Solidarity. They will forward you contribution directly to their NGO partners in India, small organisations that support people of India’s Dalit („untouchable“) caste. Apart from the cut that is being taken by the store, your money is going directly to improve the life of someone that suffers from a similar character as Arun, the „hero“ of Burn The Boards“. We are also happy to announce that the marketing of Burn The Boards will be supported through Google Grants, who will give our partners a substantial amount of free ad credits to spread the news about our game.