You have a game idea that you want to try out but you just do not have the time to make it yourself? Let us help you out!

Since december 2015 we offer prototyping games as a service. But what do we mean by prototyping and how does it fit in our current portfolio?

We believe that interesting games are made in complex processes that can take great amounts of time and resources. The result of such a process is uncertain even with excellent management, agility and planning. Failing early and often is the only way to prevent you from ending up in a dead end.

Prototyping for a team during production can take away precious resources and focus from business critical tasks. The best way for your company to generate new sparks of innovation is to let us do the groundwork for you.

We have over 7 years of game and app prototyping experience and come from a varied background from art to business. Our development process is and always was deeply rooted in artistic and result oriented methodologies.

We usually work really fast to get your idea up and running as fast as possible. And our prices are reasonable too. Please contact us if you are interested.